Running Group

I have officially joined a running group.  Sent in my check and even got the confirmation email.  So it’s official.  I have been wanting to find a beginners running group, and then I stumbled upon the Central Jersey Running Groups website and saw that they had some beginner running class that will be an 8 week program and starts in April.  I have already been corresponding back and forth with the woman who will be our running leader.  She seems super nice and supportive so I’m really excited about doing this.  It kind of stinks that the first class starts the evening that I will be coming home from Boston…but that’s ok.  I’ve already told her I won’t be at the first run, but I will be at all the others.

Rob Udewitz, a clinical and sports psychologist in Manhattan, said many runners change their pace when they run in a group. “There is a phenomenon of running with people where you run faster and easier,” he said.

Call it motivation. Competition. Or accountability.

This is so true.  Motivation and accountability were some of the main reasons that I wanted to join a group.  I’m imagining too that running with others, I will want to push myself.  A good push is exactly what I need. ( away from the refrigerator !!)

On Monday I worked out for the first time in a long damn little while, and it’s crazy how much I feel it. Like SUPER crazy!…and I love every achy, moaning bit of pain.  I did the first work out from my New Rules of Lifting for Women book.  The first workout included squats and step ups with weights.  When I go to stand up or sit down, I resemble an elderly person who is just attempting to work unused muscles.  But…it’s ALL GOOD 🙂

I should be getting back into my normal “routine” soon, since Kerri is on the mending road.  Even with the unexpected pints of caramel cone crunch ice cream ups and downs that life throws our way, I will always feel the same…LIFE REALLY IS GOOD!


Story of my life…

My name should be Holly ” missing in action” M—– < ( to keep it interesting for the stalkers ) Yes…I’m here, then I’m gone, then I’m here.  Long story…short… Life Happened. ( at least short in Holly standards ). My baby has been very sick, so we came to the E.R. yesterday and she had emergency surgery for Appendicitis.  In surgery they saw that it had ruptured so, my google diagnosis on WebMd… basically saved her life.  ( She’s sleeping now, so I am the captain of this story! ) She’s doing much better, and resting as comfortably as possible.  I’m staying the day by her bed side  …to save the doctor a phone call if he has any questions or wants advice on anything further.  😉  With Kerri’s diagnosis of good healing and health, I took notice that though we are spending the day in the hospital, she is going to be ok…making this the most perfect day.  I decided as she rests I will celebrate and soak up the hospital Wi-Fi and catch up on the blogging world.  About an HOUR or so ago, the nurse asks me if the Wi-Fi connection is ok, because many people have said that it cuts out a lot.  I reply ” Nope…it has been GREAT!..NO problems at all!” < Exact quote.  Since I have left many of you aching for more of me…I decided to give you a nice long, catch you up blog entry.  Here I was ..tip, tapping away on the keys feeling good about myself that I was able to give back to all of you with the gift of ..me….when it was  finally time to publish.  I felt so good…like a weight had been lifted off of me. Finally I had done some catching up…time to hit the publish button.   =  CONNECTION LOST !!!! My Post GONE!!! ( yes, I know I’m an idiot for not saving!! ) Bla Bla Bla…..ughhhh…anyway…”Hello”.

Along with being blessed with this perfect day, I have realized that I’m blessed with wonderful friends.  I came home the other day to a package waiting for me, from my friend Pam. Pam is a friend that is very close to stepping off the edge and committing to doing the 1/2 marathon in Philly with me.  I think she only needs a couple more weeks of poking and prodding positive benefits chat and she will be ready to say “YES !” out loud.  Pam’s friendship has really become a blessing to me…and her sending gifts doesn’t hurt either listening ear is greatly appreciated.  Package = Gift = Christmas again for Holly 🙂

Pam got these tech shirts for Kerri and I to help keep us motivated along our journey to a healthy life.  They are so AWESOME !! Beyond the super kind thought…it is SO me! I’m a sucker for motivational things and powerful words ! Pam has a friend who owns the store 3:16 Athletic Wear where she got these, and it’s a super cool store.  Check out their website at the above link and tell Julie that I sent you.  She has absolutely no idea who I am…so it would be fun! LOL !

Fight the good fight…Finish the Race…Keep the Faith”


There are friends in our lives that have been around so long ~ that somehow they find it acceptable to just pop in unexpected.  I will admit that as of lately I have turned my back on them and have neglected them like the plague.  Not kind of me, I know.  But have you ever had those influences in your life that just aren’t healthy?  I will admit…for a long time I made them a huge part of my life.  I spent crazy amounts of time with these friends and even loved some of them in …well… unhealthy ways.  Only because I’m trying to clear my conscious here that I will even go as far as to admit that I have visited MORE than one of these friends in the late hours of the night.  Maybe looking for some type of comfort? Maybe a good time? Whatever the reasons…..I gave into them this past weekend.   Believe me when I say that after the weekend was over….I didn’t feel good about myself.  The guilt of our no holds barred weekend weighed heavy on me…and even more so on my evil incorrect number spewing pal ( who I’m convinced rounds up to the nearest 5 lb just for the fun of it. ) !     The next time my so called friends Beer, Burgers, and Bakery stop by unexpectedly…..I’m refusing to answer the door.

Enough bitching…off to the gym I go.

Unlikely Friends…

This is a MUST See…. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Let it shine ! …

It’s crazy wonderful what a sunny day can do for your soul !

Kerri and I had a bagel and coffee this morning, and then headed to the park.  What an amazing feeling to get out in the fresh air and move these legs!  I’m still trying to build up my base before I start my official training.  I don’t know if it was the special “Woodsman” = Multi-Grain Bagel I had for breakfast… ( Ker told me that the place calls it the Woodsman because it tasted like bark. AND…she was right ! )  or all the Vitamin D that I was soaking in….or just my body thanking me in the most glorious of ways for not putting it on that terrible, evil Dreadmill !  Whatever the reason or the combination of all….I LOVED it.  My running felt so good today!! I practiced the Dynamic stretching, and made sure to stretch afterwards….and I feel GREAT!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weekend!

Mixed Bag…

“The Results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

Hey all ! I know that I’ve been horrible with blogging as of the last past week.  For my regular followers.. in case you haven’t picked up on the schedule yet…You can expect my missing in action approx. one week out of each month. 😉   There is a short time every month, where I lose my mind and find every excuse in the book to do nothing.  This includes but is not limited to exercising, answering emails, blogging ….etc. Sometimes just getting out of bed for work has been a struggle.

In one of my posts last week, I mentioned the pain of NOT stretching…and the consequences of being so lazy.  Amanda from “Run to the Finish” mentioned Dynamic Stretching.  Of course to me …stretching has always been …well…stretching.  Holding a pose while feeling the muscle pull a tad…maybe even bounce up and down a bit, until you really feel your muscles rip.  < ( I was kind of jesting with the bouncing part. ) So of course Amanda sparked my interest with the whole idea of there being more than one way to stretch.  Off to Google I went! Dynamic Stretching= Dynamic stretching uses speed of movement, momentum and active muscular effort to bring about a stretch . Unlike static stretching the end position is not held.  My buddy Jamoosh also said it good when he said: = Before you run – you loosen.  After you run – you stretch.   Great points and so far the stretching and the new info on stretching has really been helping.

Monday I went to the doctors for my follow up visit.  I was getting worried with all of the changes that I’ve been making…I couldn’t understand why the weight has been coming off so slowly! With 100 lbs, 89 lbs to lose and the huge changes I’ve been making, I really felt like I should be down so much more than 11 lbs since the beginning of January.  My doctor crush medic advisor stated that I’m doing great…and slow and steady really is the way to do it.  All of my blood tests came back good, and I had a complete physical and have been cleared to run attempt to FINISH the 1/2 marathon in September.  Full steam ahead I go ! ( after a few more days of PMS – leave me the hell alone mental rest.)

I have been reading a book called ” The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer”, that I’m really enjoying.  It focuses on more than just the physical side of training, but also the mental and emotional side.  The book is based off of a marathon class offered by the University of Northern Iowa.  The class has been offered 5 times over 10 years, and all but one student finished a full marathon.  The book has a lot of comments from former students who took the class and their experiences.   I will keep you updated on how the book is as I dig deeper into it.

Other things that are bouncing around in my head are things to do in Boston.  Any ideas? or must sees? My uncle is running the Boston Marathon in April.  Kerri and I are a part of his support team, so we need to start planning the trip.  I have a few Brewery Suggestions from Jamoosh, that I will of course need to check out.  My uncle is also a lover of Beer… so we will need to get him primed for the big race! 🙂

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing, because you can do only a little.  Do what you can!”

How I miss you so…

Spring…where are you?? You have no idea how much I miss you ! We are getting hit here on the East Coast with yet another snow storm.  My baby will be surprised when she gets home from work today.  Since I couldn’t make it in to my work I have been super busy here at home…packing.  When Kerri gets home, I will be giving her the surprising news.  We are moving to Aruba ! I got the bright idea this morning as I was out snow blowing the driveway in the knee deep snow.  Crazy how it just came to me!! Moving to Aruba, so many of my problems will be solved!

1.) No more missed days of work because the roads are un-driveable.

2.) No more DREADMILL~ I will be able to run on sandy beaches!

3.) My golf clubs will get used year round, instead of taking up space in the corner half the year.

4.) Because of # 3 – my golf game will improve!

5.) Aruba has casino’s.

6.) I will be able to show off a hot bikini body….(hopefully there will be some willing participants in Aruba! )

7.) No more realizing I’m out of gas for the snow blower AFTER it has snowed 12″ !

8.) With my new beautiful Aruba weather, I can catch up on some reading. ( Nothing better than reading a book while on the beach. )

9.) …..As I’m in daydream land I realized it started snowing AGAIN!!! ~

10.) NO more putting on wet gloves, hat and boots ! Hell NO MORE gloves, hats, or boots at all !!!!!

…..shit….. our flight is cancelled because of the weather ! Of course!