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me..at 4:30 a.m before my run

So as many of you know I’ve been throwing around the talk about doing the 1/2 marathon in Sept.   I’ve been pretty casual as the whole thing goes.  Marathon talk will come up, and I might throw in “yea, I’m doing a 1/2 in Sept.” Bla bla bla.  I even have the necklace to prove how dedicated I am.  One side of the charm says “Believe” and the other side says ” 13.1 ” .  So I’m definetly ” in it, to win it!” …Right? Well OF COURSE I AM! Didn’t I just tell you that I have the necklace?  So it never really dawned on me ( <<< that’s more for literal effect, because it HAS dawned me..I’ve just been lazy busy ) until someone said… ” so how’s the training going?”  …” ummm, the what? ohhhhhh, the TRAINING? Yes…it’s going fine.”   >>>>> Instant thought in my head =  ” OH SHIT, I NEED TO TRAIN!”

I’m not lieing about doing the 1/2 !….  Didn’t I tell you that I have the necklace?……

So in all kidding aside fashion….I figure my training plan should be about double as long, since I’m basically two people in one…and well hell…MORE practice definitely couldn’t hurt. I have decided on a nice Run/Walk beginners plan…and today was the official Week 1: Day 1   !!

back in the saddle...


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