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me..at 4:30 a.m before my run

So as many of you know I’ve been throwing around the talk about doing the 1/2 marathon in Sept.   I’ve been pretty casual as the whole thing goes.  Marathon talk will come up, and I might throw in “yea, I’m doing a 1/2 in Sept.” Bla bla bla.  I even have the necklace to prove how dedicated I am.  One side of the charm says “Believe” and the other side says ” 13.1 ” .  So I’m definetly ” in it, to win it!” …Right? Well OF COURSE I AM! Didn’t I just tell you that I have the necklace?  So it never really dawned on me ( <<< that’s more for literal effect, because it HAS dawned me..I’ve just been lazy busy ) until someone said… ” so how’s the training going?”  …” ummm, the what? ohhhhhh, the TRAINING? Yes…it’s going fine.”   >>>>> Instant thought in my head =  ” OH SHIT, I NEED TO TRAIN!”

I’m not lieing about doing the 1/2 !….  Didn’t I tell you that I have the necklace?……

So in all kidding aside fashion….I figure my training plan should be about double as long, since I’m basically two people in one…and well hell…MORE practice definitely couldn’t hurt. I have decided on a nice Run/Walk beginners plan…and today was the official Week 1: Day 1   !!

back in the saddle...


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Crazy weather! I work about an hour from where I live and it was horrible up there.  I closed up early because the snow was coming down like crazy and the roads were very unsafe.  Now I’m here near my house.. ( actually at my favorite coffee spot ) and there’s NOTHING!! Super light snow coming down and the roads are barely wet.  Nice! That means that my baby will be home tonight and cuddling by the fire is top on my agenda !

When I say that I’ve been super good this week with my exercise ….that is not an understatement ! I’ve taken to my doctors words like there is no other option.  Exercise EVERY day ! Do SOMETHING Everyday ! I packed my gym bag for the whole week and leave it in my car, so I can change before I leave for work ~ No excuses! My plan is to build up my base running…doing that every other day, and strength training on all the other days.  Yesterday was my running day..and it was getting dark, it was cold…and as we all know I HATE doing the treadmill ESPECIALLY during peak evening hours! Ughhh…is there anything worse?? So I had a grand idea….I will do laps in my warehouse at work!!

My "blurry" great idea moment..

I did my 30 minutes of varying between walk and run.  My base is coming along VERY slowly…but I will keep working on it.  Half way into my wonderful concrete run…as my shins started hurting and burning like my soon to be winter fire..I realized something.  Something not good.  I have gotten super lazy…with my stretching.  hmmmm, WHEN IS the last time I’ve stretched?? Before or after my run…hell at anytime for that matter!!?? I can’t even remember!! NOT GOOD!! And my legs were reminding me of this fact in a huge way.  After my warehouse run…I was hurting>

no stretching?? NOT such a grand idea...

Coming up with these plans, and schedules, and goals…I’ve reminded myself that half ass is not going to cut it.  Not am I only a new “runner”…I’m a runner carrying a lot of extra weight.  So no more of making stretching an OPTION!

With the mellow music playing in the background, and my perfect window seat here at the coffee shop….it’s hard to leave…but off to the gym I go.  🙂

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