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As kids we would always make fun of my grandmother for not being able to hear.  Not nice…I know.  And as we grew older and my dad inherited the non functioning ears we began to tease him.  You know the old game that is fun to play with people that have a hard time hearing … ” hey Dad-  have you senfgendf  my ferieoous indadfae ? ”  Dad = “What did you say? All I heard was jibberish?  ” Dad…shushka fartenipous incagneteceres??? ” We would go on like this until we couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and burst out laughing.  This would always end with the same response from my dad= ” you guys are a bunch of assholes!”   I’ve learned 2 things as I’ve gotten older when I think back to those times.

1.)  we were assholes and 2.) Karma really is a bitch!

Fight club was not pretty tonight…..

I got there a little early and started chatting it up with “Joanne” …one of my new running ” buddies”.  She said ” well…it turned out to be beautiful this evening…I was praying for that storm to hit, thinking maybe we wouldn’t have to run.”   Ha~ yes, definitely one of my new running buddies.  She also mentioned that she hadn’t done ANY of her runs for the week.  I thought to myself…PERFECT…I will have a leg up on her !  ….Plus she’s an older lady, so that could only help. Right?? HA!  We really chatted it up …so imagine my surprise when it was time to brake off into groups and she didn’t follow me!!   All I heard was one of the coaches say ” ok…whoever…bla bla bla..Baxter….run…bla bla bla go over there..ok, not everyone move at once..”  Well ….Baxter was my coach last time, so I thought ok…I guess I will go with Baxter again.  As I walked towards Baxter I turned around expecting to see my new friend following me……hmmmm, I wonder why she’s not.?? Oh well….off we go…

So I told myself…slow and steady…don’t start off to quickly.   I kept a close eye on my watch because god forbid I run a few seconds over.. 😉    Hmmmm, I wonder why the coach isn’t telling everyone it’s time to WALK …we are definitely over the running time…we should most DEFINETLY be WALKING now!… I found myself getting slower and slower until I was in the very back of the group leading the rear….and then eventually leading the group FOLLOWING ours….and then again “leading the rear” of the last group.  As I eventually became unofficially apart of the last group they began their walking session.  A mumble of the word hallelujah could have slipped out of my mouth.  Off in the distance I could see my original group STILL RUNNING! ….ummmm, doesn’t anyone in that damn group have a WATCH!?  Oh well suckers….looks like I found the smart group, and I’m now walking. The coach bringing up the rear of my new group was walking along side of me.  ” Is that you beeping? What the heck is beeping?”  Me = “oh maybe it’s my watch, but I can’t hear anything.”  Coach=  “what’s it warning you of?”   Me =  ” oh, probably warning me that I have about 5 seconds before I collapse!” Coach=  “ha ha….1 more minute until we run.”  Right about this time my FIRST coach is running back towards me. I knew he was coming to see if I was still alive I was keeping my true marathon pace.  ” I’m still alive~ I’m just keeping the slow group company.” I yelled to him…

As we came around the corner I met up with my ” buddy” from the beginning of the session.  She said ” hey….you didn’t tell me you were running with the ADVANCED group today! I saw you take of with Baxters group.”

Me= ” oh….I must not have heard the ADVANCED part!!”

Ughhhhh…..Fight Club truly kicked my ass tonight!  I got many ” ummmm, are you ok’s?” as I was saying my goodbyes.  I guess people aren’t used to seeing my special shade of PURPLE on a humans face.

Hey….No Guts, No glory…right!!??? 🙂


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