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As kids we would always make fun of my grandmother for not being able to hear.  Not nice…I know.  And as we grew older and my dad inherited the non functioning ears we began to tease him.  You know the old game that is fun to play with people that have a hard time hearing … ” hey Dad-  have you senfgendf  my ferieoous indadfae ? ”  Dad = “What did you say? All I heard was jibberish?  ” Dad…shushka fartenipous incagneteceres??? ” We would go on like this until we couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and burst out laughing.  This would always end with the same response from my dad= ” you guys are a bunch of assholes!”   I’ve learned 2 things as I’ve gotten older when I think back to those times.

1.)  we were assholes and 2.) Karma really is a bitch!

Fight club was not pretty tonight…..

I got there a little early and started chatting it up with “Joanne” …one of my new running ” buddies”.  She said ” well…it turned out to be beautiful this evening…I was praying for that storm to hit, thinking maybe we wouldn’t have to run.”   Ha~ yes, definitely one of my new running buddies.  She also mentioned that she hadn’t done ANY of her runs for the week.  I thought to myself…PERFECT…I will have a leg up on her !  ….Plus she’s an older lady, so that could only help. Right?? HA!  We really chatted it up …so imagine my surprise when it was time to brake off into groups and she didn’t follow me!!   All I heard was one of the coaches say ” ok…whoever…bla bla bla..Baxter….run…bla bla bla go over there..ok, not everyone move at once..”  Well ….Baxter was my coach last time, so I thought ok…I guess I will go with Baxter again.  As I walked towards Baxter I turned around expecting to see my new friend following me……hmmmm, I wonder why she’s not.?? Oh well….off we go…

So I told myself…slow and steady…don’t start off to quickly.   I kept a close eye on my watch because god forbid I run a few seconds over.. 😉    Hmmmm, I wonder why the coach isn’t telling everyone it’s time to WALK …we are definitely over the running time…we should most DEFINETLY be WALKING now!… I found myself getting slower and slower until I was in the very back of the group leading the rear….and then eventually leading the group FOLLOWING ours….and then again “leading the rear” of the last group.  As I eventually became unofficially apart of the last group they began their walking session.  A mumble of the word hallelujah could have slipped out of my mouth.  Off in the distance I could see my original group STILL RUNNING! ….ummmm, doesn’t anyone in that damn group have a WATCH!?  Oh well suckers….looks like I found the smart group, and I’m now walking. The coach bringing up the rear of my new group was walking along side of me.  ” Is that you beeping? What the heck is beeping?”  Me = “oh maybe it’s my watch, but I can’t hear anything.”  Coach=  “what’s it warning you of?”   Me =  ” oh, probably warning me that I have about 5 seconds before I collapse!” Coach=  “ha ha….1 more minute until we run.”  Right about this time my FIRST coach is running back towards me. I knew he was coming to see if I was still alive I was keeping my true marathon pace.  ” I’m still alive~ I’m just keeping the slow group company.” I yelled to him…

As we came around the corner I met up with my ” buddy” from the beginning of the session.  She said ” hey….you didn’t tell me you were running with the ADVANCED group today! I saw you take of with Baxters group.”

Me= ” oh….I must not have heard the ADVANCED part!!”

Ughhhhh…..Fight Club truly kicked my ass tonight!  I got many ” ummmm, are you ok’s?” as I was saying my goodbyes.  I guess people aren’t used to seeing my special shade of PURPLE on a humans face.

Hey….No Guts, No glory…right!!??? 🙂


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Why I am associating my new (beginners) running club with ..Fight Club ?? I have NO idea…but I am !  For some reason every time I think about or mention “running club” – Fight Club pops in my head.  Crazy..I’ve never even seen the movie ! Maybe it’s my inner struggle that sublimely keeps telling me to keep fighting? or..maybe I just want to  feel cool like the guys in Fight Club?  ( that’s probably more like it )

Anyway…last night was my first meeting with the group.  The first actual meeting was last week, but like all of you know I was in Boston.  Of course at the beginning it was just like I kind of feared it would be.  Everyone seemed to make fast friends last week, and were all chatting it up about last week, their runs for the week, who is now BFF’s with who…bla bla.  There seemed to have  been clique’s already.  Now if I knew that last week was the official “bonding” session and everyone would fastly <( don’t think this is an actual word, but I like it just the same ) fall in love with one another I would have flew home early from Boston to be apart of the love fest.  So I’m definetly probably being overly a little over dramatic, but it was a little disappointing.  No worries though…I migrated to a group ( the larger people, who looks like they might be on the slower side group) and chimed in with a witty line.  ” ummm, soooo…how long did you guys run for last week?”   Ok…maybe not so witty, but at least I was talking to a group…now known as the ” cool kids group” !

So fight club was a rude awakening to just how out of shape I truly am.  But as we were running ( and I was about to collapse ) one of the girls mentioned that she just ran her first 5K…and then corrected herself and said ” well more like walked and stumbled my first 5K ” and I KNEW I was in the right group. 🙂

Tomorrow night is the clubs April meeting and I would actually love to go..but I have a work thing at night, so I can’t.  I’m really hoping to get involved as much as I can, and feel comfortable with because It feels kind of cool to be a part of a “club”.  Am I dork? …maybe….but that won’t stop me from ordering a official club jacket !! lol

It’s kind of funny.  From all of the running blogs that I read of my blogging friends, sometimes I feel like a running expert ( in my mind only of course! ).   Whether it’s about marathons, the benefits of running, or even barefoot running..I feel like I know it all.  In my mind I run effortlessly…( for more than 4 minutes at a clip), 5K’s seem totally doable and my 1/2 marathon is not out of the question.  BUT…once I start shuffling these feet, I’m smacked in the face by reality.  Either way…. my loyal followers keep pushing me on, and I thank you!!

“Hey, you created me. I didn’t create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!”

-Fight Club

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Boston !

lean on me..

Back from Boston and I must say that all of you were RIGHT ! I did get re-motivated !! It’s so hard not to.  We got to Boston  on Saturday and instantly fell in love with the city.  There’s just something about Boston that sucks you in !  I don’t know if it’s all the history of the city, the architecture, the vibe….whatever it was we loved it!  The first couple of days the weather was rainy and not very good for site seeing or picture taking….but we didn’t let that put a damper on our trip.  We hopped on the Trolley Tour, stayed dry and learned so much about the city.

Everywhere you looked there were runners around the city.  It’s a super cool bond that fellow marathoners have.  Everywhere we stopped my uncle and other fellow runners would spark up conversations about the marathon, other marathons they have run, etc…  It’s so hard to not want to be apart of something like that.   To want to be dedicated enough to something to put in the time and heart of the training.   I do want that!  I don’t really ever seeing me desiring to do a FULL marathon …but I do have my sites on the 1/2 in Sept.  It’s funny the looks I get from certain people when this comes up.  I get the once over look…from head to toe.  ” oh, that’s nice. ” ~ LOL ~ I’ve said it here many times before.  My goal is not to RUN this half marathon.  With a combination plan of walk, run, shuffle and stumble..my goal is just to FINISH! One step at a time.

If I wasn’t totally pysched enough with the vibe of Boston…I DEFINETLY was by Marathon Monday!!  I got up early to get my uncle to Boston Commons for his bus ride to the starting line.  Then I went back to the hotel and got Kerri and my aunt to head back into Boston.  We wanted to be there early to make sure we were able to find parking and find where we were going.  It really couldn’t have worked out better.  Parking garage RIGHT next to the finish line!   We really didn’t know what our plan was for the day.  Some more site seeing, shopping, marathon watching?  After finding parking we wanted to get breakfast somewhere.  All the bars were open and everyone was already drinking at 9:00 a.m.! We ended up at Whiskey’s who said they were serving food…it just wasn’t BREAKFAST food.  We decided to stay and stuffed ourselves with fried bar food and coffee.  We might have missed out on the eggs and toast but totally scored in other ways.  First we all got FREE t-shirts for being part of the first 150 customers ! ( free souvenir 🙂    Then we realized that we were in eye shot of the finish line and would have front row to watching the marathon.  I really wanted to see some of the marathon and we knew we would have to stake out our spot for hours to see it….so we did. ! Bought some chairs at Walgreens and set up camp.  Another bonus about Marathon Monday?? The SUN was out and NO rain.  Perfect day for the runners.  57 and sunny ! So happy for this!  It was really cold and breezy for us fans…but nothing a few hats, gloves and a instantaneously made  babushka couldn’t fix it.  The energy was amazing!!!  I still have my blistered finger from ringing the cow bell to prove it! 🙂

The whole weekend and marathon experience was wonderful ! Loved everything about it.

Congrats to my Uncle Dan for working his butt off and letting me be apart of it .

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It’s crazy wonderful what a sunny day can do for your soul !

Kerri and I had a bagel and coffee this morning, and then headed to the park.  What an amazing feeling to get out in the fresh air and move these legs!  I’m still trying to build up my base before I start my official training.  I don’t know if it was the special “Woodsman” = Multi-Grain Bagel I had for breakfast… ( Ker told me that the place calls it the Woodsman because it tasted like bark. AND…she was right ! )  or all the Vitamin D that I was soaking in….or just my body thanking me in the most glorious of ways for not putting it on that terrible, evil Dreadmill !  Whatever the reason or the combination of all….I LOVED it.  My running felt so good today!! I practiced the Dynamic stretching, and made sure to stretch afterwards….and I feel GREAT!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weekend!

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Crazy weather! I work about an hour from where I live and it was horrible up there.  I closed up early because the snow was coming down like crazy and the roads were very unsafe.  Now I’m here near my house.. ( actually at my favorite coffee spot ) and there’s NOTHING!! Super light snow coming down and the roads are barely wet.  Nice! That means that my baby will be home tonight and cuddling by the fire is top on my agenda !

When I say that I’ve been super good this week with my exercise ….that is not an understatement ! I’ve taken to my doctors words like there is no other option.  Exercise EVERY day ! Do SOMETHING Everyday ! I packed my gym bag for the whole week and leave it in my car, so I can change before I leave for work ~ No excuses! My plan is to build up my base running…doing that every other day, and strength training on all the other days.  Yesterday was my running day..and it was getting dark, it was cold…and as we all know I HATE doing the treadmill ESPECIALLY during peak evening hours! Ughhh…is there anything worse?? So I had a grand idea….I will do laps in my warehouse at work!!

My "blurry" great idea moment..

I did my 30 minutes of varying between walk and run.  My base is coming along VERY slowly…but I will keep working on it.  Half way into my wonderful concrete run…as my shins started hurting and burning like my soon to be winter fire..I realized something.  Something not good.  I have gotten super lazy…with my stretching.  hmmmm, WHEN IS the last time I’ve stretched?? Before or after my run…hell at anytime for that matter!!?? I can’t even remember!! NOT GOOD!! And my legs were reminding me of this fact in a huge way.  After my warehouse run…I was hurting>

no stretching?? NOT such a grand idea...

Coming up with these plans, and schedules, and goals…I’ve reminded myself that half ass is not going to cut it.  Not am I only a new “runner”…I’m a runner carrying a lot of extra weight.  So no more of making stretching an OPTION!

With the mellow music playing in the background, and my perfect window seat here at the coffee shop….it’s hard to leave…but off to the gym I go.  🙂

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Snow Day…

So here on the East Coast we are under a Blizzard warning.  With a 65 mile commute into work…I didn’t even get out of bed.  So I’m here in my Pj’s trying to come up with a plan to use this snow day in a productive way.  I just started the dishwasher and poured a cup of coffee….so I’m off to a lazy, cozy, stay in my Pj’s GREAT start ! It wasn’t too long ago that I posted about “PLAN YOUR WORK, and WORK YOUR PLAN.”   Or if I didn’t post that, the thought was rolling around in my head.  EITHER way….I really do think it’s so important to make a plan, and then do it ! But if I’m being honest…I’m having a hard time making the right plan.  I’m going to the gym everyday ~ (or more like I don’t go, when I don’t feel up to it).  I’m not being as consistent as I need and want to be.   So part of my being productive today will be working on coming up with a fitness plan.  Please feel free to add any suggestions if you have any.

What I’m looking for in my weekly routine:

1.) Work on my walking/running combo to = more running

2.)  Toning my target areas…= FLABBY triceps .  ( to be able to stop flapping when waving to people )

3.)  Tone my “biggest asset” = shrinking my ASS!   I think I was blessed with this HUGE gift from birth….because ever since I can remember my mom would sing this song to me ” Holly is a nut, she has a RUBBER BUTT, and every time she turns around she goes “putt, putt, putt”. ???

4.) I mentioned my ass…but really I mean..my hips, ass, and thighs.  Because that really is just one huge body part right?? At least on my body it is.  I’m just going to call it my H.A.T.  <<< did I just come up with a new scientific name for the medical field?? I THINK I DID!

5.) Oh and I feel like I should list my core here too…I really don’t want to….but everyone else is talking the praises of a good strong core, so I’m listing it too just for the hell of it.  ( going to figure out what this plank position thing is that Jamoosh recommended.)

6.) The plan has to be challenging enough to work me hard, make me sweat, but not kill me so It scares me right out of the whole idea.

So that’s my plan for the day… to get started with a plan and be able to stick it on my fridge by the end of the day.  Doable?? We will soon see….

I did get my H.A.T s out there and moving on Sunday with a 5 mile walk with HILLS !  It felt sooo good to be out in the fresh air and moving!

me ...after my last hill.

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Wow…i’ve been horrible! I haven’t posted in a few days.  I HATE going to blogs that aren’t updated daily! I’m still getting into my blogging groove….so please deal with me here.  I don’t know how some of these people do it with their blogs!? I go to some that are so well written…so organized, and so entertaining.  But the real amazing part is that they are married, have 4 kids, work a full-time job, go to school, and run 10 miles a day and STILL find the time to keep my interest on their blog! Simply amazing to me!!  If I’m not in bed and SLEEPING by 10:00 …I’m not a pretty person.  So with work, my new gym visits, my commute, dinner and a shower…that’s about a day for me.

Today is a “ME” day.  🙂   I took the day off to do fun stuff like…go to the gyno..LOL…and get my hair did.   I’m waiting for my hair appointment here at Starbucks.  It’s so nice and relaxing.  I was starving so I had to get a sandwich…

So I’ve done GREAT this week with my exercise and eating.  Have to say that it truly feels good!   The only thing I’m struggling with is the running on the treadmill at the gym.  Not the actual physical part of running…but the where in the hell do I LOOK part? First…I must have some mental motion sight problem…not sure what to call it.  The gym has TV’s but they are almost directly over the treadmills…so I can’t run and look up at the TV’s because I get dizzy.  I can’t look forward..because what’s in front of me?? A HUGE magnified-circus mirror with ME looking at ME.  Ughhh…not nice.  Yesterday as I ran/walked I decided to take a peek. HA! Know what I realized?   I realized that I can’t see my knees? Where the HELL are my KNEES???? Then if not having knees isn’t horrifying enough…my shorts are riding up in my crotch!  So here’s the visual:  Fat girl trying to run on treadmill, with a horrific look on her face because she just realized she doesn’t have any knees, all the while pulling at her shorts between her fat legs so they stop riding up, and constantly looking up, side to side, down…every which way trying not to get dizzy, which is only making her MORE dizzy….then she realizes that she’s getting dizzy, has no knees then the ANXIETY starts…..

It’s not easy being a fat girl running….trust me!

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